Installment is a consumer kind of loan, aimed for purchasing specific item or service from the shop/shopping center. Unlike the consumer loan, installment has specific purpose, for example, purchasing of domestic appliances, vehicle. As a rule, installment is an instant, directly in the shop or shopping center.

Auto Loan

Auto Loan is a determined type of loan, whereas consumer is allowed to purchase desirable car, new or secondary one. Generally, loan is secured by the purchased vehicle and until full coverage of the loan, bank keeps it under security


Mortgage is a long-term, secured loan, whereas you can buy, build or repair immobile property, like apartment, cottage house, parcel of land.

Consumer Loan

Consumer loan is a credit, lent to an individual for personal usage for purchasing specific item or service. With the consumer loan you can purchase domestic equipment, small household items, everyday items ro finance travel or other ongoing expenses.


Term deposit is the money paid-in the bank with the certain term, whereas interest rate is fixed. During the contractual period the initial capital cannot be increased. Usually the interest rate on this product is higher comparing to other deposits. Besides, the longer the term larger is the interest rate you get. If initial capital is withdrawn before the agreed date, customer gets smaller interest.


Guarantee is type of securing. If principal debtor fails to fulfill taken liabilities, delays due date or insolvency is distinct fact, bank is authorized to impose payment of the entire loan on the guarantee.


There are various types of contracts, though there are five types of contracts in commercial banks: About Bank Service, Mortgage, Pledge, Credit Line Service and About Joint Guaranteeing.

ATMs and POSs

You can withdraw cash from ATMs with your plastic card. Service fees differ according to the bank and plastic cards. You will be less charged if you use the same bank card and POSs