Team of "Society and Banks" plans diverse campaigns throughout Georgia. We think it necessary to execute active educational and other campaigns, for providing he population with correct information about the banks and bank products they offer. 

  • Consultation Center - provides the customers with qualified advices regarding the terms and conditions of bank products.
  • Research Center - aims to prepare competent conclusions on bank and economics topics, which will be presented to media and analysts for discussion. Research Center works on numeric and qualitative researches, including analyzing of ongoing and popular topics.   
  • Media School - Project aims to develop financial education of the journalists. Journalists study the basis of economics based on special course and manuals. 
  • Advices for the customers - joint project with the TV channel Rustavi -2. On every Monday, representatives of "Society and Banks" will talk about various issues and provide bank customers with useful information in the TV show "Skhva Shuadge".